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Chronic Wasting Disease

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What is CWD?

  • Chronic wasting disease or CWD is a fatal central nervous system disease found in cervid (deer, elk, and moose). It is caused by small proteinaceous particles called prions that attack the brain of infected animals, creating small lesions in the brain, which results in death. These misfolded prions may remain infectious in the environment for years!
  • It is trasmitted though direct animal contact with saliva, urine, feces, blood, carcass parts of an infected animal, or infected soil.
  • CWD is a fatal disease; once an animal is infected, there is no recovery or cure for CWD.

Signs Of CWD In Deer

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  • Loss of body condition or emaciation (thin or weak)
  • Change in behavior such as loss of fear of humans
  • Loss of bodily control or movements
    Note: a deer may have CWD but not show symptoms until after two years of age.

Impacts Of CWD

  • CWD is a fatal disease in cervids with no known treatment or recovery.
  • CWD has reduced the deer population locally in other states over the years and has depressed the age structure of deer.
  • Michigan has about 600,000 deer hunters who harvest about 375,000 deer anually.
  • The CWD problem is not just in Michigan. As of August 2018, twenty-four other states have CWD in their captive or free-ranging deer populations.

What Can You Do?

  • Avoid long-distance movements with your deer carcass
  • Handle and dispose of your carcass in a responsible manner
  • If you hunt out of-state, only bring back allowed parts

Take Action!

  • Tom is now CWD certified to remove lymph nodes required for testing by the state of Michigan!
  • $25 fee for lymph node removal
  • $50 fee for lymph node removal, capping, and skull capping
  • Service fees waved for customers using ATM mounting services
  • Anything That Moves can also assist with the registration of your deer!

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